Earth School


What People Say

Amanda Creveling

I had the most incredible reading done by Meagan! All the answers to my questions were validated and accurate. She is the real deal and I am now more reassured than ever since speaking with her. I am not kidding when I say I felt like she was inside of my head. It was almost like she read my mind and knew every worry and aspect of my life. Thank you again, Meagan! I will be coming back for more in the near future!

Jenna Coyle

I have always felt comfortable when receiving a reading from Meagan. She is thoughtful, thorough and supportive especially during readings where the message is difficult to receive. Meagan always provides me with clear messages  and offers ways I can act on them by journaling, meditation or a Reiki Session. I simply love and appreciate all she has done for me.


I met Meagan while getting  certified for Reiki 1/2 and immediately clicked. We performed Reiki on one another and what Meagan picked out of me was truly amazing. A few days later,. I suffered an injury  and Meagan was right there, reading my tarot, providing healing Reiki zaps and filling me with hope. She knew my Spirit Guides were with me and everything would be okay. Were it not for her tarot reading the night before surgery, I don't think I would have been as calm as I was. She is true to her name as a healer. I'm confident she will be able to guide your spirit to whatever destination you hope for.