Earth School


About Me

    Before I began my healing journey,  I was lost. I was quite miserable, to be honest. I let my mind get the best of me on a daily basis. I felt stressed, overwhelmed, & pessimistic. I'd like to share some of my story...
   Like you, I have a lot of life experience. Aside from a difficult childhood, I lost my Dad to alcoholism when I was 17 years old. Then, in 2015, something happened that made me realize that witnessing my Dad pass away was just the beginning of my struggle with death. My dearest Uncle, whom I had a close relationship with most of my life, struggled with addiction also. We lived in my Grandfathers home together, where we both grew up. 
   On October 13 that year, just one month shy of my Grandfathers angelversary, my Uncle came to me and asked to borrow some cash. I didn’t have any on me and he he said “dang” (a common word used in our family). We chatted for a bit and he looked like he had a rough night. I told him “you look like shit, you know.” We had that type of relationship, I thought nothing of it at the time. He went off to his room and I continued doing my schoolwork. About an hour later, I went to look for him and I thought it strange that I couldn’t find him. I approached the door to the backyard (my intuition was screaming at me not to, by the way). When I stepped out of the threshold, there he was. He had taken his life.
   When I tell you it was the worst day of my life, I couldn’t be more truthful with that statement.
   After about a year of numbing myself and avoiding any and all difficult emotions, something had to give. I knew I needed to make a change. I began meditating every day and in less than a week, I purchased a set of tarot cards to guide me. The combination was life-changing! I was able to gain insight, guidance, and clarity on things I could never attain on my own. I used the tarot cards as a tool for self-growth. It became one of the best things I’d ever done. I still face issues and sometimes find myself falling back into old patterns, but now? I’ve become fully equipped to handle these situations.
   One day, something hit me. I realized I could use this gift to help others in the same way. I soon began reading for family and friends, making impacts on their lives. I’ll never forget the day my mother asked me for a reading, and how impactful it was for her. That blew me away! That’s when I knew that I found my calling. Finally, I found a way to help others in a way that made sense to me. 
   My name is Meagan, and I am a mother of two beautiful daughters and the wife of an equally handsome man. They are my world and my reason! Aside from tarot, I enjoy painting, video games, meditation, meaningful conversations, reading & learning. I am an adventurer of consciousness and a forever student. My spirit animal is the Owl. I’m obsessed with dragonflies as my Dad sends them to me from Heaven often.  My favorite crystals are clear quartz, sodalite, rose quartz and carnelian! 
   I've recently become a Reiki Master in order to help heal others in a wider range as well as share the gift of Reiki to anyone who so desires it! 
    I'm here to assist anyone who is looking for guidance on their journey here on this earth. I’m currently tapping into and learning abilities beyond tarot as well! Stay tuned!