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What is a tarot reading?

When I think of tarot, I think of a tool to access parts of the inner psyche that helps us to access our Higher Self. It brings to our attention the reason behind our struggles and how to heal. It is a wonderful tool to use if you need direction and guidance toward living a joyous and fulfilling life. With tarot, we're able to see into the Past, Present and Future to determine the life lessons necessary for true growth. When giving a reading, I'm able to pick up on your energy and use the cards to give me insight on your life events as well as provide you with the necessary steps to unlock your fullest potential.

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"Meagan’s reading for me hit the nail on the head in the synchronicity department, and was really helpful in providing me reassurance with what my intuition has been showing me all along. As a Tarot reader, I appreciate the time and skill it takes to connect with the energies of clients and also translate them in a meaningful way. A message of sticking to my passions regardless of what they look like is huge in my life, and learning to accept my own schedule versus comparing it to what looks like is working for others is truly an important message for me, and I’m thankful for Meagan who channeled it!"

Michael, Tarot Reader

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy that encourages emotional and physical healing. As a certified Reiki Master, I am able to channel Reiki Energy through my hands to facilitate healing within your energy, which includes healing the Chakra's within the body. Benefits of Reiki Healing include:

-Reduction of pain, anxiety, and fatigue

-Assistance in treating depression

-Boosts mood

-May improve some health conditions and symptoms

-Helps restore confidence, energy levels, motivation and creativity

-& more!